The new bench at the Purdy's triangle thanks to the generous donations by the friends and family of former Purdys resident Tom Collins.
Dear Neighbor,

This year the North Salem Improvement Society marks its eighty-third year.  Few people realize the extent of the Society’s involvement in our community since its founding in 1931.  For a sampling of our accomplishments. please visit the History page.
The Society strives to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest information on handling waste and recycling materials, energy saving tips, how to “go green” and “live green,” and so much more.  This information is contained in our newsletters, copies of which are available at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library. This year we published our fourth newsletter in this series.  Please see the Newsletter link on the left.  Recycling is so important if for no other reason than the cost of garbage collection!  Because North Salem is falling behind in recycling, our collection costs have gone up!  Do you know about the new E-Waste program?  It's so easy.....please see the information and list of acceptable items at the bottom of our Events page.

But the Society is only as strong and successful as its membership and that is why we are constantly reaching out to you to join us and volunteer whatever time you may have to broaden our list of projects. Please consider completing the enclosed membership form and sending it back with your contribution.

Thank you.

The Directors (We are pleased to introduce our new director, Luisa Kroll Pelosi, or, Lulu!)

John Arens, Peter Bliss, Cynthia Curtis, Ellen Falk Daros, Paul McCabe, Susan Baum Moyer, Gail Pantezzi,  Lulu Pelosi,
Amy Post Scurlock, Tim Purdy, Rosemary Brown, Edris Scherer and Xenia von Lilien-Waldau
To join, see Membership.  To view our four Newsletters with valuable information on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle please click on Newsletters in the left column.  Copies are available at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library.