Saturday, April 1 - Electronic Recycling Day.  We will have the bin open for your convenience!
Saturday, April 22 - Kick off Roadside Cleanup Week.  Come to the library to pick up your bags, gloves and pickers and have a cup of coffee and donuts on us!
Sunday, April 23 - Annual Meeting.  Last year's tour of the greenhouse at Farmer and the Fish was so successful we will strive hard to match it.  
Saturday, April 29 - Black Gold Day.  Best composted cow manure for your gardens.  For just a nominal $5 per bucket suggested donation, we will shovel and lift for you.

Further details on all the above will be posted as they become available.

Know your Invasives!  For good information on invasive plants and animals, visit the DEC website.  Here's one on invasive plants:  


What to do with the holiday lights that no longer work?  Recycle them, of course.  Here's one option (cut and paste into your browser):

Please join us
Christmas Eve at 6:00 pm

Santa arrives atop a Croton Falls Fire Department fire engine and
takes his seat in front of our tree to greet all the little boys and girls. 

All are invited to help themselves to hot cider and cocoa and homemade cookies.

Please join in the tradition of caroling around the bonfire.

The North Salem Christmas tree is located on Titicus Road just east of Baxter Road and Keeler Lane.

We thank you for your continued support to help us keep the tree lighted year after year. 

In the event of heavy rain the event may be cancelled.  Be sure to check our website for the latest information.  http://www.northsalemimprovementsociety.info/

 "North Salem residents:  a message from Supervisor Warren Lucas.  Christmas tree pick up will be changed from January 4 to Wednesday, January 11.  Please have your trees out by the side of the road for town-wide pick up by 6am on Wednesday, January 11." 

April was a very busy month for us and we are pleased to report how successful the town-wide roadside clean has been.  While not too many residents took advantage of Black Gold day, we had a wonderful crowd come and enjoy the garden tour at Farmer and The Fish. The hydroponic greenhouse is truly amazing and provides fresh greens for the restaurant year-round.  Saturday, April 23, was our E-Waste day and it was so well attended that we are considering doing it again this fall.  We are also looking into the possibility of getting a Shredder to be on site at the same time.  While the pod for e-waste recycling is available all week during regular town hall hours (you have to stop by Delancey Hall and pick up the key) we arrange for the pod to be opened on a Saturday for those who can not make the run during the week.  Stay tuned for info on a fall day.

Below you will find two lists.  The first is the latest list on what E-Waste is acceptable and what is not.  The second is what is acceptable in single stream recycling.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!  Thank you.


What to do with the holiday lights that no longer work?  Recycle them, of course.  Here's one option: http://www.holidayleds.com/christmas-light-recycling-program.aspx.  

Single-Stream Recycling has arrived in North Salem!  Most of your waste may now be recycled in one easy method - comingled.  Milk cartons, ice-cream and take out containers, books (paperback and hard cover), aerosol cans, buckets and tubs, rigid plastic like Little Tikes toys, empty chemical containers, plates and vases, window panes, and the list goes on.....!  Recycle it all.  Below is the complete list, including all the NO items.  A handy copy is also attached.  You might want to print it and post it right next to your old garbage can to remind everyone that recycling is easy!

No separating or tying up papers and cardboard with string.  Just put it all in one large container or clear or blue plastic bag and put it out on your regular garbage day.  The town is having Stickers printed that say Recycling so that you can convert your old black garbage cans into recycling cans because once you start shifting to recycling you will have so little garbage to put out.  

Some of the items in the NO column may be recycled at the town facilities.  Our E-Waste container is available for all your electronics - see separate list on our Events page. Call 914-669-5110 to arrange your drop-off. Batteries, motor oils and lead acid batteries go to highway.  Call them at 914-669-5310 to schedule your drop-off.  And the County sponsors Household Chemical drop-off days - check the county website.

See some of the Questions and Answers to the single stream recycling below this box

Recycling Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Lots of people don't understand the NO styrofoam.  Is it all styrofoam or just the big packing stuff?  

A:  No Styrofoam of any kind


Q:  What about shrink wrap type of plastic, such as (clean) Saran Wrap or packing wrap that would go around a palate of boxes? 

A:  Yes, recycle

Q:  What about the wrap that is used for packaging a 10 pack of toilet paper, and it’s all wrapped with see-through plastic?  

A:  Yes, recycle

Q:  Any bags, even without a recycling symbol on them?  Grocery bags?  Bread bags?  Dry cleaner plastic bags?

A:  All plastic bags are recyclable

Q:  The see-through plastic part on top of a tissue box?  Does this no longer need to be removed before recycling? 

A:  You do not need to remove the plastic part, same with envelopes with plastic windows.

Q:  Prescription pill bottles – the caps also? 

A:  Pill bottles and caps are recyclable

Q:  What about the piece that comes with the milk cartons?  Not the cap, the part with the ring that you tear off to open the spout? 

A:  Yes, recycle.


Q:  If shredded paper has staples is that okay?  How about shredded credit cards? 

A:  Yes, recycle

Q:  Are cleaned paper plates okay?  Even the type with the glossy coating? 

A:  Yes, recycle

Q:  Paper coffee cups, even if they sometimes have a bit of a glossy waxy coating on them?

A:  Yes, recycle.

Q:  May CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs, and DVD-Rs all go in with our recycling?  We don’t need to put them in E-Cycle anymore? 

A:  Yes, recycle. 


Q:  Steel Bottle Caps – Is the type with the rubbery material on the inside, like you would find on a bottle of orange juice or Coke bottle okay? 

A:  The whole bottle cap is recyclable


Dear Neighbor,

This year, 2016, the North Salem Improvement Society marks its eighty-fifth year.  Few people realize the extent of the Society’s involvement in our community since its founding in 1931.  For a sampling of our accomplishments. please visit the History page.
The Society strives to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest information on handling waste and recycling materials, energy saving tips, how to “go green” and “live green,” and so much more.  This information is contained in our newsletters, copies of which are available at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library.  We've published four newsletter in this series.  Please see the Newsletter link on the left.  Recycling is so important if for no other reason than the cost of garbage collection!  Because North Salem is falling behind in recycling, our collection costs have gone up!  Do you know about the new E-Waste program?  It's so easy.....please see the information and list of acceptable items above.

But the Society is only as strong and successful as its membership and that is why we are constantly reaching out to you to join us and volunteer whatever time you may have to broaden our list of projects. Please consider completing the enclosed membership form and sending it back with your contribution.

Thank you.

The Directors, Peter Bliss, Cynthia Curtis, Paul McCabe, Susan Baum Moyer, Gail Pantezzi,  Lulu Pelosi,
Amy Post Scurlock, Tim Purdy, Rosemary Brown, Edris Scherer and Xenia von Lilien-Waldau
To join, see Membership.  To view our four Newsletters with valuable information on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle please click on Newsletters in the left column.  Copies are available at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library.

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