The Town has changed to Dual Stream recycling this year.  It's still the same recycling; we just have to do a little separating of papers and fibers from all else.  The town will provide the containers.  One week we will put out Paper and Fiber.  The next week all other recyclables.  We are working on re-educating about ReDucing and ReUsing, then ReCycling.  To that end, we've taken the flyer from the town and added information on how to recycle items that the carting company does not.  As we learn of new facilities we will continue to update.   If you know about an interesting way to recycle an item that we currently toss out, please let us know about it.  Don't forget the Town also has recycling of Electronic Waste.  For that you need to pick up the key from the town clerk during regular town office hours.  Once (or twice) a year we have the bin open on a Saturday for those who cannot make it during the week.  This, of course, is free to North Salem residents.  Thank you.
A complete list of ELECTRONIC RECYCLING ACCEPTABLE AND NOT ACCEPTABLE ITEMS, FROM www.ewaste.com is on our Events page, see left column.

From the archives:

E-Waste:  Last year was a huge success.  You filled the pod!  More electronic items to recycle this spring?  No problem. North Salem residents may bring them to 66 June Road for e-waste recycling.  More details below and on our events page.  E-Waste recycling is free for all North Salem residents thanks to the town who picks up the tab for those monster TVs that fill the pod!  Monday through Friday pick up the key from the town clerk to gain access to the pod.

North Salem Improvement Society kicked off the town’s Roadside Cleanup Week on Saturday April 14 at Ruth Keeler Library where residents picked up their plastic bags, gloves, pickers and free donuts. Among those who stopped by were sixth grader Meghan Ledley and her mom, Girl Scout leader Jen Ledley, whose sixth grade troop #2024 has cleaned up Joe Bohrdrum park for at least four years. “The girls have all said it’s our favorite troop activity,” says co-leader Shannon Valletta. “The girls think it’s funny when they find beer cans and a poopy diaper one year. They’ve also found car tires and street signs, and are always amazed at how many cigarette butts they find.”  One resident, who started earlier in the week, single-handedly tackled Bloomer Road and may have made a new record for number of bags filled.  Thank you Margie Hamburg!  It was also good to see some of our local officials pitch in - Warren Lucas and Martin Aronchick.


By late morning, several members of NSIS moved onto their annual black gold event, made possible by the generosity of another town official, Peter Kamenstein.  At his Three Ponds Farm, volunteers, including two high school students fulfilling their community service quotas, filled buckets and bags with composted cow manure for a donation to the society.  Kudos to Willow Bennett and Eric Lange our student volunteers.


Both events were successful and by mid-afternoon the town streets were dotted with bright orange clean up bags stuffed with garbage. Residents can continue to pick up garbage and leave curbside through next Sunday April 22.  The town highway department will be picking up the bags as roads are completed. If anyone needs more bags, please stop by the library; you may use any color bag you have.  Hopefully every road in town will be dotted with bags, and, more hopefully, there will be less need to repeat as people will be reminded to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle responsibly!  


Left:  Martin Aronchick, Warren Lucas, Peter Bliss, Cynthia Curtis, Amy Post, Paul McCabe, Gail Pantezzi and Susan Baum Moyer greeted folks at the Keeler Library and handed out supplies for the annual Road-Side Litter CleanUp Event.

Left:  Willow Bennett, Eric Lange, Peter Kamenstein, Peter Bliss, Tim Purdy and Cynthia Curtis at Three Ponds shoveling composted cow manure!
Right:  Troop 2024 - Anna Fetterolf, Allegra DelliCarpini, Lili Valletta, Becca Weigle, Molly Videla, Georgia Rubini, Erin Bartels, Meghan Ledley.  Missing - Claire Jolley and Eowyn Keenan.

Thank you everyone for two great events!

2017 Ewaste:


Dear Neighbor,

This year, 2019, the North Salem Improvement Society marks its eighty-eighth year.  Few people realize the extent of the Society’s involvement in our community since its founding in 1931.  For a sampling of our accomplishments. please visit the History page.
The Society strives to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest information on handling waste and recycling materials, energy saving tips, how to “go green” and “live green,” and so much more.  Reducing, Reusing and Recycling is so important if for no other reason than the cost of garbage collection!  Working with the town we hope to be expanding our E-Waste collection program this year.

But the Society is only as strong and successful as its membership and that is why we are constantly reaching out to you to join us and volunteer whatever time you may have to broaden our list of projects. Please consider completing the enclosed membership form and sending it back with your contribution.

Thank you.

The Directors, Peter Bliss, Cynthia Curtis, Paul McCabe, Susan Baum Moyer, Gail Pantezzi,  Lulu Pelosi, Amy Post Scurlock, Tim Purdy, Rosemary Brown, Edris Scherer and Xenia von Lilien-Waldau
To join, see Membership.  To view our four Newsletters with valuable information on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle please click on Newsletters in the left column.  Copies are available at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library.

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