Thank you for joining us on Sunday, April 21

at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library (our co-sponsors)

for a discussion and free presentation:

All About Composting

Special Guest Elaine Garry from the Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener program showed us how to turn kitchen waste into Black Gold - we learned how to compost kitchen waste, coffee grinds, grass clippings, leaves and so much more.  Time to work the garden!


Let's do it...!

Thanks to all who have pitched in!

We are almost there!

Orange bags for collecting litter, safety vests, gloves and pickers are available. at the library

There's a map of the town roads there - pease highlight where you will tackle the litter 

We now have a bin for Batteries and another one for holiday String Lights at the Town E-Waste bin.

Stop by the Town Clerk's office for the key.

See our ReDuce, ReUse, ReCycle page for what's acceptable and what's not.

Town Clerk Maria Hlushko makes arrangements for the County Stredder to stop by North Salem for our use.  We will post the dates when they become available.


If you are a member, you will receive email reminders.  Please consider becoming a member.  It's only $20 per year!

New "Entering North Salem" signs have been installed.  We'll never understand what motivates them, but vandals damaged and totally destroyed four of our gateway signs last year.  All totaled, six of eight signs were down!  We have not been defeated, however. We ordered new and slightly improved signs this spring and they are up!