Photo Gallery

The Society continues to help with the planting and maintenance of some of the town's roadside triangles. If anyone would like to help with a triangle in their neighborhood, we welcome you! Perhaps a local girl or boy scout troop would like to adopt a triangle. Just contact one of the trustees. The residents of Purdys came out in full force to spruce up the two triangles there. Same day we held our annual meeting at Keeler Library. Thank you to all who worked so hard on the triangle and all who attended the meeting!

Freshly mulched Purdys Triangle

Thank you Purdys!

Spur Street Triangle

Free plants!

Annual Meeting 2021

Brent Golisano, Maureen Eckman and Kathie Collins - way to go, team!

Christmas Eve 2021 was almost not happening until we teamed up with Laruen Rosasco from the town's recreation department and she helped us organize our first Tree Drive-By. Twenty local organizations decorated 6-foot trees installed by the society. They framed our beautifully lit tree. Peter Kamenstein loaned his red sleigh and Santa was on hand to wave a happy holiday to all the families that drove by. Trustees handed out home-made Gingerbread Cookies.

Santa's getting ready!

Gail and Sal Pantezzi

Historical Society's carolers

Working on the new walkway between Delancey Hall and Lobdell House. Plants are installed.....

Our new gateway signs!