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See Below for Information Re Shredder, E-Waste, Fall Roadside Clean-Up and Light Bulb Exchange

Daffodil Extravaganza

We've just ordered 3,000 daffodil bulbs - take advantage of this sale! Our goal is to plant 1,000 along our roadsides. If you do the planting we can offer free bulbs for roadside planting up to a max of 50. For every 100 you buy we can offer 20 free bulbs for planting along the roadside up to a maximum of 50 free bulbs. Six beautiful varieties available. 20/$25 50/$40 100/$75

Daffodils are deer resistant. Plant in full sun or half sun / half shade. This selection is good for naturalizing or planting in bouquets; showy and excellent cut flowers. See individual descriptions below.

To place an order send us an email - northsalemimprovementsociety@gmail.com Bulbs will arrive at optimum planting time for our area.

Questions - call or text Cynthia at 914-274-7206

Fortissimo - Large Cupped 5-inches; Blooms Mid Spring; 17 inches.

King Alfred - Trumpet; Blooms Early to Mid Spring; 14 inches

Salome - Large Cupped; Blooms Early to Mid Spring; 16 inches

Mount Hood - Large Cupped Trumpet; Blooms Mid Spring; 14-16 inches

Cornish King - Trumpet; Blooms Mid Spring; 16 inches

Barrett Browning - Small Cupped; Bloomes Early to Mid Spring; 16 inches


Tuesday, October 5, 9:00am - Noon - Town Clerk Maria Hlushko has arranged for the Shredder to return. See northsalemny.org for complete details. Location: 66 June Road in the parking lot of the Meeting Room / Courthouse. Up to 4 file boxes of personal documents only.

Saturday, October 16, 10:00am to 2:00pm

Drop off your E-Waste and Pick up Orange Bags for Roadside Litter Fall Clean-UP

The E-Waste bin is being moved to 274 Titicus Road, behind Lobdell Store, i.e., the Building Department

Thanks to the Climate Smart Committee pick up a FREE box of 6 energy efficient LED lightbulbs* and start saving money and energy. You may bring your old CFL bulbs and they will dispose of them for you. *North Salem residents only, limited supply, first come, first served; limit of six given and six taken. Visit our website for more information.

Dear Neighbor,

This year, 2021, the North Salem Improvement Society marks its ninetieth year. Few people realize the extent of the Society’s involvement in our community since its founding in 1931. For a sampling of our accomplishments. please visit the History page.

The Society strives to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest information on handling waste and recycling materials, energy saving tips, how to “go green” and “live green,” and so much more. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling is so important if for no other reason than the cost of garbage collection! Working with the town we hope to be expanding our E-Waste collection program this year.

But the Society is only as strong and successful as its membership and that is why we are constantly reaching out to you to join us and volunteer whatever time you may have to broaden our list of projects. Please consider completing the enclosed membership form and sending it back with your contribution.

Thank you.

The Directors, Peter Bliss, Cynthia Curtis, Paul McCabe, Susan Baum Moyer, Gail Pantezzi, Lulu Pelosi, Amy Post Scurlock, Tim Purdy, Rosemary Brown, and Edris Scherer.

To join, see Membership on the sidebar.

Shopping Bag in a Pouch!

The Improvement Society did a bulk purchase of bags with a North Salem logo on them. They collapse into a small, easy-to-carry pocket. We sell them at cost, only $4. A free bag for anyone who joins. Only $20 for annual membership.

Reusable Straw Set

Forget plastic straws and consider your own set of reusable ones. Only $2. A free set for new members.


Thanks to all who joined us on Saturday, April 26, at the library for our annual meeting and 2021 Earth Day celebration. Andrea Good and Pam Pooley along with other members of the town's conservation advisory council gave a demonstration on how to properly remove invasive species and in their place plant native plants. A river beach and several perennials were planted behind the library with more to come. Joining us was Andrew Middlebrook from the Open Land Foundation with information on their Pollinator Pathway program. Photo by Tom Walogorsky of the North Salem News.


Kudos to all who hit the roads and collected roadside litter. We almost ran out of orange bags! But, we still have a few areas to do. Please let us know if you have time and need orange bags. We will drop off or make easy pick-up.


We filled five bins with recyclable electronics. We are also collecting more information on what to do with microwave ovens, lamps, and other electronics that cannot go into the bins from the company the town selected. See our page Reduce Reuse Recycle for information on what to do with unwanted items you cannot recycle under the town's contract.


To find out more about what to do with your unwanted items and waste materials, please go to our Reduce Reuse Recycle page. Learn what you can recycle weekly through the town's contract. See what is accepted at the town's E-Waste Recycle Bin. Find new places to donate gently used items you no longer want. Finally, what about all the items the town does not recycle? There are some tips on more recycling places. But first, sometimes it may be best to simply

Choose not to purchase products wrapped in plastic

Wash and reuse the plastic you already have

Carry reusable shopping bags with you at all times.

North Salem Improvement Society, P O Box 209, North Salem, New York 10560